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Emotional Resilience To Stay In Balance

Meet The Team

Our Story

Nikki and Maria both found themselves with health challenges that forced them to pause and reflect on the patterns and behaviors creating the emotional and physical symptoms that manifested in their bodies. In their quest for a healthier balanced life, they each became certified health and life coaches through the Health Coach Institute. Feeling empowered and wanting more, their paths crossed while taking a Stanford-based program, called the Clarity Catalyst Course, and the two became instant friends! The new coping skills they acquired on how to focus on the present instead of worrying about the future or regretting the past, brought an immense amount of peace to their spirit. Freedom was gained as they continued to let go of expectations and the things that they couldn't control. This led to their mental and physical health improving, and they felt inspired to become trainers for the program to spread this positive growth mindset to others. 


Today, their passion is to inspire adults, youth and corporations to gain clarity, cultivate positive heathy habits through workshops and programs to reduce stress, improve peak performance, enhance creativity and promote wellbeing.


Bonnie Neff

Executive Nurse

This program has transformed my life in just 8 weeks! I shifted from constant stress and overwhelming expectations to a state of joy and purpose. I now approach life with determination, free from fear and anxiety. Taking care of yourself is the key to guiding and caring for others. This was a positive game-changer!

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