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The Culture Catalyst

The benefits of incorporating mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools into corporate wellness programs cannot be overstated. As the challenges we face at work continue to multiply, it’s more important than ever to prioritize wellness and personal development in the workplace.


The Culture Catalyst offers a program based on a Stanford University Master’s degree program that helps businesses develop these skills. By reducing stress, improving peak performance, enhancing creativity, and promoting wellbeing, these tools and techniques provide a competitive edge for businesses. It’s no surprise that athletes, performers, and business leaders are embracing mindfulness, and that it’s being introduced into the world’s most successful companies and business schools. 

Choose a workshop below or inquire about the eight week course that is offered.


Grab you preferred workshop, grow and expand to the horizon far & wide

Bring your professional team together in an informal atmosphere to learn and grow both professionally and personally.

Fists in Solidarity
Dulce Vida Workshops 
Choose Your Preferred Professional Development Program

Lunch & Learn - Half Day - Full Day

As an added bonus to your half day or full day workshops, ask us about adding a yoga & breathwork session to help break up the day & promote added self care tools!

  • Personal Development Days such as these bring connection and inspire growth within.


  • Prices to be determined with the number of participants.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learns are a great way to connect organizations and promote personal development. With lunch provided, these workshops would have you choose from one of the topics we have available and can be done virtually or in person.

Half Day

Gather your team for a half day workshop focused on personal and professional development. Your organization would choose from two of the programs listed. All materials will be provided as well as lunch and an array of snacks throughout the day.

Full Day

Bring your professional team together in an informal atmosphere to learn and grow both professionally and personally. Your organization would choose from three of the programs listed. Lunch would be provided as well as an array snacks.

  • Mastering Time and Stress in the Workplace
    Practical tools and strategies to effectively manage time and stress in a fast paced environment, enhancing productivity and well-being.
  • Work/Life Balance
    Gain a detailed understanding of where employees are out of balance to ultimately create a harmonious and fulfilling equilibrium in the workplace.
  • Letting Go of Judgement
    A transformative workshop empowering individuals to release judgment and embrace the values of diverse perspectives.
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace - The Power of Staying Present
    Cultivating mindfulness to foster increased focus, resilience and efficiency among employees.
  • Conscious Communication in the Workplace
    An interactive workshop fostering conscious communication in the workplace, promoting empathy, active listening and construction dialogue for improved team dynamics and productivity.
  • Overcoming Overwhelm
    An interactive workshop designed to equip employees with strategies to manage stress, prioritize and maintain balance enabling them to overcome overwhelm in the workplace.
  • Finding your Values
    A workshop designed to identify your core values and align with your professional aspirations fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment in the workplace.
  • Avoiding Overwhelm/ Burnout
    Practical strategies for avoiding fatigue and burnout to promote sustainable success for all employees.
  • Confidence in the Workplace
    A workshop designed to cultivate workplace confidence, equipping participants with tools and strategies to excel in their professional environment.
  • Cultivating your Creativity in the workplace
    A workshop designed to learn the 6 stages of the creative process so you can take any idea from concept to launch with more ease and clarity.
  • Tap Into Your Personal Power
    Discover how to unlock stuck energy in the body and where you carry it. Find wisdom inside your body that could unlock healing. Bring awareness to tap into your personal power.
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
    Discover what areas in your life that want to be nourished and that are needing your attention. Identify how to shift your life and create healthy boundaries, and learn what self love looks life.
  • Elevate Your Meditation
    Unlock the mysteries and power behind positive meditation. Combine visual imagery, breath work, and energy work for the MAGIC HEALING codes!
  • Gain Clarity and Clear the Clutter
    Detox your mind and body to clear the clutter and toxins out of your life to make room for what you desire. Get clear with where you want to be and how to do it.
  • Mental Rehearsal For Success
    Learn the tools of reframing and shift your mindset to success, living your best life and owning it. Deepen your intuition in decision making.
  • Transform Your Life
    Learn the five steps of transformation along with six questions to give you clarity in any area of your life.
  • Discover How To Gain Control Over Your Stress
    Learn how to activate your relaxation response and get out of your stress response. Identify your triggers. Learn how to boost your metabolism and stop producing so much cortisl.
  • Overcome Self Sabotage and Your Limiting Beliefs
    Understand the toxic cycle of self sabotage, how it shows ups, and how to overcome it! Discover where you emotionally eat and to replace it with what your inner self is actually asking for. Rewrite the limiting stories in your head to ones that best serve you.
  • Free Up Your Energy
    Making a decision frees up SO MUCH ENERGY! Give yourself permission to make a decision, and learn how to free your mental energy quickly, so you can use it for activities you desire.
  • Increase Your Joy
    Live your life with purpose. Bring awareness and excitement around the things you love to do. Then learn how to create space and give yourself permission to do them.
  • Follow Your Energy and Learn How to Increase It
    Discover what foods give you energy and take it away. Learn how to honor your hunger and fullness, balance your blood sugar and schedule. Add in movement with ease to give you an energy boost.

Personal Development Days can inspire



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