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Emotional Resilience To Stay In Balance

The Culture Catalyst for Law Enforcement

“The Culture Catalyst for Emotional Resilience” is a tailored specific 9 week program for law enforcement, based on a Stanford University Master’s degree program on self mastery. By reducing stress, improving peak performance, enhancing creativity, and promoting wellbeing, these tools and techniques provide emotional resilience for law enforcement to continue to serve in one of the most stressful careers out there. From an organizational perspective, mindfulness programs have been shown to help improve retention, enhance job performance, as well as increase productivity.​ Whether in a group or one to one, this program is a safe and confidential experience. Change begins with you.

Your Health Is Your Most Valuable Asset. 
Take Control of It Before It Takes Control Of You.

When the course first came out of Stanford University, it was actually given to 400 spouses that lost their partners in 9/11. Coupled with grief counseling, this was an opportunity for them to learn practical tools and processes to manage fear and anxiety, cultivate clarity, and find the courage to reinvent themselves. In a survey with them 10 years after they took the eight week course, they stated that there wasn't a day in their life that they didn't use the tools from this program to continue to refine themselves. 

Program Details

Module Breakdown:


Week One: How is your health?

Explore where your physical and mental health is out of balance to create a blueprint to move forward in better health practices. Learn overcoming overwhelm techniques to switch out of your sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest & reset); gain clarity with what foods affect your mental and physical performance, and incorporate movement in your daily schedule. Set yourself up for success.

Week Two: Reconnect With the Person Underneath the Uniform. 

Recognize that challenge is the fuel for creativity and you are on a hero’s journey.​ Experience how to move through life like an objective observer who does not take anything personally, so you are freed up to be more creative and relaxed when life throws you curveballs. Learn how to let go of judgements and expectations for resiliency, but hold onto your intention.


Week Three: Mind Mastery for Success. 

Discover the neuroscience behind our habits and strategies to activate and grow your positive mind muscle for lasting results. Do a deep dive into your subconscious mind to see what limiting beliefs still lurk there so that you can rewire and reprogram them to get unstuck. Identify your saboteurs that generate all your negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, avoidance, procrastination, insensitivity or discontent to rewire and reprogram your brain for healthy habits.

Week Four: Manage the Anxiety: The Power Of Presence.

Master your mind to stay in the present moment to manage fear and anxiety when the unexpected happens. Continue growing your positive mind muscle to release the past regrets that lead to depression. Discover ways to add mindfulness activities to your everyday living so that you are able to connect to your work and your life more deeply.​

Week Five: Your Intuition Is Activated For Work: What About Your Personal Life? 

Discover practical tools to help you at any crossroad to make the right choice, shunning self-doubt or fear, so you can feel confident about your life's direction. Unearth the well of wisdom that lies within by using the YES or NO method, which will help you make hard decisions with the flip of a me, it works!

Week Six: Reconnect With Your Purpose and Vision. 

Get Clear on your “WHY” so that you can activate your full potential for your vision and mission. Discover how to turn Dull, Difficult, and Depressing situations at work, into one’s that have more Ease, Energy, and Enjoyment. Reconnect with your most valued qualities so they can be used as a compass to guide you to increase your purpose at work, create more meaning, and fulfillment.

Week Seven: Manage Time and Stress to Increase Your Joy. 

Understand how the battle with time can create mental stress that physically impacts the body so you can shift to a rest and reset state. Discover how to overcome procrastination so that you can launch your visions without self-sabotaging them. Get a HUGE task you have been procrastinating off your plate so that you can become even more productive and efficient.​

Week Eight: Cultivate Healthy Relationships through Conscious Communication. 

Discover effective communication skills in order to reduce stress and create peace at home and at work. Learn simple strategies to clear up a miscommunication and ways to communicate without blaming, shaming, and criticizing, to create more harmony in your work and life relationships. Learn non-violent communication techniques so that you can communicate with less reactivity and more compassion and understanding.

Week Nine: Work/Life Balance: The Foundation to Success.

Get clear on where you are presently out of balance, so that you can make the necessary adjustments to get back into balance. Set goals and intentions on how you can do more of what you love outside of work, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and resentful when you are at work. Get a true picture of how much time you are spending in all of the important areas in your life, so that you can create more balance and ease by shifting and changing things around if necessary.

Other Programs Offered

  • Lunch and Learns: Schedule a workshop during lunch on any of the above topics and more. Stress management, Overcoming Overwhelm, Holistic Health, and Taking Charge of Your Narrative are a few of the most popular. Contact us to learn more!

  • 1:1 Private Life Coaching: What is life coaching? It is a 50 min session where we will uncover the challenges that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in any area of your life. Together, we will cultivate clarity and remove the blind spots to move the needle in a forward direction to what you desire. 

  • Insight For Life Program for Law Enforcement's Youth: This 9 week program lays the foundation for kids to strengthen their confidence, discover their unique talents, learn valuable tools, and self-empowerment techniques that prepare them for success at life and in school. 

  • The Clarity Catalyst for Law Enforcement's Spouses: Similar to the L.E. officer program, however this 9 week program is tailored for the spouses. (This could also be offered for an officer and their spouse to strengthen their relationship to bring deeper understanding and appreciation for each other, especially in the areas that are challenging.)

Thin Blue Line. American flag with police blue line on a background of sunset. Support of



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